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The Activist Investor: The Singing Activist Investor Returns!

July 18, 2023

Hedge Fund Alert

February 9, 2022  

The singing CEO is at it again. Eric Rosenfeld, the Crescendo Partners executive who arranges financial parody songs in the style of show tunes, has dropped his latest music video on YouTube – this time about special-purpose acquisition com- panies. In “All Those SPACs,” to the tune of “All That Jazz,” Rosenfeld sings: “Start the clock, I know targets a lot / Where the price is low but the sector’s hot / It’s like an IPO without a banker foe / And all those SPACs.” Past songs include his ver- sion of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” (“I Don’t Know How to Fire Him”) and “On Broadway” (“On This Board”). Rosenfeld uses humor to break the ice at conferences, board meetings and college ceremonies.

Globe & Mail:  ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic of finance strikes again; Activist investor Eric Rosenfeld belts out tune at Toronto conference, taking shots at ‘bad boards, evil CEOs'

September, 29 2017 

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January 2, 2016