1. Activist

From The Recordings Html


What good is fretting alone with your stock Come with a tight clenched fist
I am an activist old chum
So come to this activist
Stop all the whining, the gripes and the gloom Let’s make a change if you’re pissed
I am an activist old chum
So come get your problems fixed
Come now and sign
Come hear the rant
The firm’s reborn
Start celebrating
Right this way your board seat’s waiting
No use permitting the chairman of doom To screw up this chance you’ll miss
I am an activist old chum
So come to the activist
I used to have a CEO named Jerry
With whom I shared two crappy years not merry He wasn’t what you call a boss who hollers
As a matter of fact he wasted all the dollars
When Jerry left the shareholders came to snicker
Well that’s what comes from too many perks and liquor And when I saw him laid off like a has-been
He was the sorriest exec I’d ever seen
I think of Jerry to this very day
I remember how I turned to him and say
We are all dreading being stuck in your stock It’s time for you to be dismissed
I am an activist you bum Sorry you won’t be missed
And as for me, as for me
I made my mind up, it ain’t me you’ll bury When I go, won’t be like Jerry
Start by admitting one vote of the next Will get you the change you wish
I am an activist old chum
And you need an activist old chum
So come to the activist