From the recording Get On Board


It ain't necessarily sold, it ain't necessarily sold
The things that you may hear from your banker, oh dear It ain't necessarily sold
The company was ailing, oh my (repeat) We hired an advisor, to get us much wiser It wasn't clear sailing, oh my
Whaaaa-do, a simba ba-di-boo Whole lotta wadda, skata why Why
For a sponsor, we searched high and low (repeat) To do a leveraged buyout,
Where the numbers would work out
But the sponsors they all just said no
A strategic was found, what a dream (repeat)
They walked out on water, with synergies, they oughta But the savings were not what they seemed
Whaaaa-do, a simba ba-di-boo
Whole lotta wad of cash, scattered why Why
It ain't necessarily sold (repeat)
They went to Vancouver, they sucked like a Hoover And then it couldn't get sold
We hired an attorney, to help with the journey We looked, can't find no one
We'll take any buyer, it’s down to the wire The deal it couldn't get done
The process took 900 days (repeat)
But who calls that sellin’, when no deal is gellin’ Not even after 900 days
I'm preaching this sermon to show It ain't nessa, ain’t nessa
Ain't nessa, ain’t nessa
Ain't necessarily sold
It ain't necessarily sold