From the recording Get On Board


Most CEO’s tell it like it is.
However there was one CEO that was clearly delusional. If he didn’t like the results, he would just change them. I’m gonna tell you the story about this CEO...
“ What?! What do you mean the numbers are
what the numbers are?!
No. The numbers
are what I SAY the numbers are.....get it?
Give me a break!”
Don’t tell me not to jive, just sit and twitter
I’m the big boss my job just can’t be better
Don’t bring around a clown to mess up my charade
Don’t tell me not to lie, I simply got to
If someone gets a thrill its me and not you
Who told you you’re allowed to mess up my charade
I’ll march my team out I’m such a bum
And if I’m kicked out You smelled a rat sir
I guess I surely faked it “Fact sir” I guess I didn’t make it
But, whether I’m the man of sheer perfection Or thumbin’ my nose at the board’s direction A traitor or a rotten apple of its eye
I gotta lie once, I gotta try once Only can cry once, right sir?
Ooo cash is juicy, juicy and you see I gotta have me bite, sir
Get ready for me, dupes cause I’m a scammer
I simply gotta cheat, screw the slammer
Don’t bring around a clown to mess up my charade
I’m gonna take and take now
Get what I want, I know how
One roll for the whole shebang
One throw that bell will go clang Eye on the quarter and wham
One shot and this firm’s in my hand
Hey you on wall street Here I am
I’ll march you wimps out I’ll beat the game
I can’t be thrown out
My turn at bat sir, I guess I surely faked it, fact sir I’m sure I’m gonna make it
Get ready for me board, cause I’m a comer
You stupid board I know there’s no one dumber
Nobody, no nobody
Is gonna, mess up, my charade.......
Not even you, chairman of the audit committee!