From the recording Still On Board


I'm running a scam
I'm ruining this organization
I'm cooking the books
Giving you lots of aggravation

It's my firm and I spend my whole day scheming, lying
My firm, I know all my bullshit you've been buying

I don't give a damn
So I can say hey guys I'm running a scam

I'm just a big sham
I want a raise. Ain't that a pity

I toot my own horn
Some think it's noise. I think it's pretty

And so what if I change the numbers at my leisure
My job is to steal. It gives me so much pleasure

I cheat Uncle Sam
Give me a hand
I'm just a really bad man

Now, I'm in a jam
The Feds know the truth
They won't buy excuses
So, I gotta scram
They hold all the cards
While I just got deuces
Farewell to this boardroom that I used to play in
A jail cell is the place I'll
Spend my last few days in

No, I'll be on the lam
What can I say
Hey guys I'm running a scam