1. Too White

From the recording Still On Board


Too white, too white
Your board is much too white
You really need to change that today

Too white, too white
No one's ethnic, yeah, that's right
We need people of color with a say
Today, we'll break through that glass ceiling
We'll send you white men reeling
It's time you saw the light

This board's a joke, you all must now wake up
And get woke
Too white

Too male, too male
You're clearly bound to fail
With sons and bros all over the place
Too old, too old
Your heads are grey or bald
It's so sad
No one's young. What a waste
I pray we'll soon be done with this mess
This board needs at least one dress
Some young bloods and non whites
Too old, too male
AND MUCH too white, you're all just too pale
Too white