From the recording Still On Board


The targets, the lawyers, the printers, the board
The reddit groups that move the stock at dawn
The carry, the merger, the research, no fraud
The units with the warrants stapled on

Projections and EV and outer space
No revenue but don’t laugh in their face
There’s no business like SPAC business
Like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing,
Everything the lawyers will allow
Nowhere could you have that happy feeling
When you are stealing and you know how
There’s no people like SPAC people
They smile when they are low

Yesterday they told you it would not go far,
The stock then opens and there you are
Next day on CNBC they’ve seen a star
SPACs put on a great show

The finders, the auctions, the PR, the banks, the underwriters lift you when you’re down
Reporters, directors, the NASDAQ, no thanks
The SEC who gives you a big frown
The de-SPAC when your heart beats like a drum
Liquidation if your shareholders won’t come
There’s no business like SPAC business if you tell me it’s so

Roadshows now on Zoom are really thrilling
Make sure your mic is not on mute
Smiling as you watch the orders filling
Tell ’em the target will be a beaut

There's no people like SPAC people,
They smile when they buy low
Even with a merger that you know won’t go
SPAC mafia has just said no
Still you wouldn’t change it for an IPO
SPACs make your money grow
Your SPAC makes tons of dough